Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Discovery Home Safely.....

I have to admit, I was a little nervous when the orbiter was approaching re-entry. We were all watching the re-entry here on NASA TV and everyone clapped and cheered when our seven friends safely landed. I have pictures i am going to upload tonight on Atlantis. Until then.. i have to get back to work!!!!


Ayako said...

Welcome back Discovery! I'm so happy with that!

Wookie Beast said...

Do not think that discovery is a bit dated I mean if you do become a spaceman
or whatever would you fly in that 30 year old deathtrap?

bryan said...

I really like your blog, it has a lot of great info. I too am very thankful that they have landed safely.

Ishan said...

Hey. I'm studying aerospace engineering right now, and I'm quite, quite jealous you know...nice blog as well.

Quite surprising that the best they could do to fix the falling-foam (or falling-foam-filled-with-ice which will do nasty, nasty things to all-composite leading edges) was try and ensure good weather.

AngliGreek said...

Hooray, and thank God! The Discovery crew and shuttle are home safely. Joining you in celebrating!

030 said...

Wooooohaaa Discovery!!! Its so cool it landed safely. Top Blog, excellent dream. I really hope you make it. :-)

space said...

Did you see that awesome picture they took on an EVA? Wow.

Hey great site.

Comic Book Collection Made Easy said...

Hi, Dave Gieber here. I like your blog. I too used to want to be an astronaut in my younger days. I did go on to become a rocket engineer though. I was an Insulation Design Engineer for the company that builds the solid boosters. I too, used to skydive. If interested, here is one of the sites I am currently building: Space and Rockets

The best of luck to you.


sdk said...

I just wanted to tell you (first time I've been here) that I think it's really cool that you know what you want to do and that not only are you taking the steps to get there, you're documenting your journey. Congratulations on that.

And, I too sat idly, biting my nails waiting and praying for the safe landing. I have been having nightmares about it.

Today is a very important day in history. It's more important than actually taking the spacewalk to fix the gap filler problem, because had they not made it home, nothing else would have mattered.

But, instead, they took their fate into their own hands and fixed the problem. Would Columbia have been able to do the same? We'll never know, but Discovery tells us that it's possible.

We shouldn't ground flights. We should work harder to cover all possible problems that they could face and have back-up plans for that.

There's a quote from Armageddon that I always liked. "There's probably a whole team of people at Nasa just thinkin' shit up." I hope that the subsequent flights get to go up. They're doing work for the entire world.

Sorry about the length...LOL


Alex said...

Well I know I constantly rag on nasa and complain about their problems, but of course I am glad that things worked out. The shuttle may not be the best thing ever made, but it is still a good thing. Better than nothing, and I wouldnt be so critical if I didnt care! :O)


Bassizzzt said...

Went out searching around for the latest blogs and I enjoyed your photos on the page. Good luck in becoming an astronaut, something I wanted to do many years ago but my math background prevented that from happening. Instead, I opted to become a network admin/computer tecchie type and having fun doing it.

Amy D said...

Good luck on becoming an astronaut. I hope you make it!! I've added this link to my favorites. Please visit my blog as well.


Kaustav said...

Glad that Discovery is back home safely....may the intergalactic exploration continue.

Impacted Wisdom Truth said...

Discovery Knocks On My Door

Zarathustra said...

I too am glad the out-dated pointless hunk of junk landed safely, but only out of concern for the astronauts on board.

Little trips up to low-Earth orbit and back have zero merit, scientific or otherwise.

All they achieve is publicity. It's like some kind of hugely expensive, space-based reality TV show, and nothing more.

The shuttle program should have been put out of its misery 10 years ago. It's time to come up with something better.

Reinitiate the Orion project !

Mechwarrior said...

Checkout this site.


Orion Project Would Be Great Update Me!

anamorphicdreamz said...

Hi Damaris,
I heard it on the radio (NPR).
I do not watch much TV.
I hope you get places higher
than any of us.
I so glad they are back safely.
I have your blog under my favorites.
Sky High!

AmeriKaKanKare said...

Discovery austronauts made us proud. The shuttle program should continue. All the naysayers will understand that NASA is not all gone. There's still lots of leadership and know-how left.

Congratulations to all women! The pilot of Discovery made us proud!

We can take care of our dresses too

Ghassene said...

Don't you think it's kind of
primitive that all of Humankind is relying on a shuttle that ressembles an old trans-atlantic airliner from the 50s when, if we pooled all of our ressources , mind and thoughts we would be able to come up with something brilliant that doesn't involve payload delivery and fighting an imaginary evil maniac?

The Shuttle is a hoax.

Good luck on become an astronaut though, although my latter argument is based on facts and mere observations, a part of me is hoping that we could all unite to make wonderful discoveries and progress.

Le Diable said...

man walked on moon and now he cant travel in orbit...uhm strange...

funkysmell said...

When would you be going into space when you make it?


Anthony said...

I've always been interested in space exploration, aerospace engineering and well NASA in general. I wasn;t able to watch the re-entry live but when I heard that everything went well I was greatly relieved. One of my biggest dreams is to be an astronaut and I admire you for following that same path.

Dtectivconan said...

That had me worried as well >>;
Thank god they came back safely though -.-;

liv said...

Just to say as a teenager how inspiring you are. You rock! Girl from England x

phil k said...

cool dream...i hope you get to live it.seriously.send me a postcard from space. peace.

Vanda Magro said...

The shuttle Discover I was never worried about since I was absolutely sure it would make it home safely. Now that Discover is back safely I feel confident this will lead to bigger dreams and space programs. :) I love your blog, keep up the good work, you are an inspiring person.

Berger said...

Cool blog...

I'm kind of a space nut myself, just started my blog which will contain alot of space stuff, not much on it now but there will be more cool things to come. Check it out...


The way things are going with the private space industry it looks like we all may get to become astronauts one day! Good luck to you!

airraid81 said...

I think it's amazing that we can launch people millions of miles into space, but I don't see why we should continue spending money to do so. We have been to the moon, we have put satelittes up, we have done a little research, but there is nothing else we can do in space of any importance. Sure, you can research the effects of space, but what good is that? We won't ever live there? I've heard the theories that we might have to move there in the future due to overpopulation, but that is way to far fetched. You would need to have enough space suits and continuous supplies of oxygen for a ton of people just to start...
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fb said...

i wish i could be an astronaut too.


That is soooo cool... i want to be an astronaut since i was a kid but i got a fear from it now..so i think im not gonna be one after all....but still thats soo cool..

Jen said...
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Jen said...

The new pics that you posted are awesome! You are truly inspiring! Keep up the good work!


kelly said...

You have a great blog - very enlightening - awesome pictures and all. Can imagine how the haze that we're experiencing right now (I'm from Kuala Lumpur), would look like from space. The pictures in my site would give you an idea of the haze and the resultant bad air quality. Keep up the good work on yr blog. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

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Me said...

it must have been a wonderful experience for the crews.....i envy them....

Me Jason said...

Awesome! I admire you for the dedication to Nasa and for educating us in the many aspects that most people don't even realize in our space program.Keep up the good work both with NASA and keeping us everyday people inform!

allison said...

Welcome back Discovery!!!

Alf said...

i was so nervous. we had the former astronaut dr. ulf merbold in german tv commenting these minutes. he was so absolutely sure that everything will be okay - amazing. good job discovery, good work nasa. and good luck to you, damaris. may your dreams come true!

alex said...

Here is an advice: you and your friends at NASA should stop wasting public money. F@@@! $ 1 Bil. to shoot up a pile of rust to fix it there and come back for ... nothing! Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

hey dudette a really cool blog. here for the first time.evn i had dreamt of becoming an astronaut. but luck doesnt favor every1. evry little thing related to outer space excites me. i am really glad that u are living up to your dreams.
im happy that DISCOVERY made a safe landing!!

O Micróbio said...

Yeahhh! Thank God!

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Brah said...

Hi,I have the video of Discovery STS-114 on my blog from lanuch to her landing,take a look if you like..

Jeff said...

Hey, I love what you are doing. this is cool. I always wanted to be an astronaut 2. My friends and family always say that i'm crazy. They kinda destroy my hopes, i don't think about it a lot anymore. I'm probably gonna study computer science istead of pursuing my dream to become an astronaut.

Mynor Bailey said...

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Mynor Bailey said...

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Paul said...

I added my comments on my blog.

Jeffrey W. Bennett said...

What an amazing event. After such drama and the trajedy of just two and a half years ago, we went back up. Nothing can stop America's determination to reach for the stars. Heck, I already believe we have been there.

petrovant said...

I too am glad thay are all safe home but does one not think that nasa made a bit of a mountain out of a molehill here?
Maybe it is because Ireland has no interest (or budget) to get hett up with space exploration but the plight of the Russian submariners and ongoing terrorist attacks on London had this side of the Atlantic more concerned. I never dobted for a minute that Discovery would come back unscathed.
The site is lovely Damaris. Good luck with the dream.

srivatsan said...

iam so nervous as we indians have lost a great astronaut last time while the shuttle entered.whoever may be it ,to which nation they may belong LIFE IS ONCE and i prayed that all the crew m,embers should return safely and my prayer turned fruitful. i salute the crew's bravery and NASA's talent.

danny said...

cool!!!!!!!!!!keep up the god work.You are an inspiration for budding astronauts.....i pray that one day you become one.
best of luck
regard and wishes

fffrrriskman said...

Damaris -
What a great idea for a blog! I love your enthusiasm and passion. I wish you the best of luck.

Al said...

I just saw your picture, and although this might be a bit off topic, I would love to bang you in zero gravity.

Steve said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Steve said...

Awesome - I wish you all the very best in your aerospatial efforts! Should you be stuck for something to read whilst loafing about in orbit feel free to have a look at my blog which, although less focused than yours has a number of handy bits of info to help wile away the lonely hours between galaxies. Good Luck.

BULLSEYE said...

What goes up, must come down.

Quillagua said...

Wonderfull. I hope you very happy.
Roberto Arica Chile

Serge Matveenko said...

we were very glad here in Russia too!

Shola said...

Damaris, I've just found this blog, and what a challenge! Its has made me more determined to achieve my challenge which also involves flying, but not as high as you want to go.

I shall be spending some time going through the archives to share with your joys and hardships along the Road.

Shola Ogunlokun
The MB Challenge

Alex said...

Where are those atlantis pics?!?! :)


Alex said...

Where are those atlantis pics?!?! :)


Nikky Egland said...

That's awesome! YAY! Good luck and everything on following your dream!

robina said...

Your blog is really inspiring. It makes me think of my own dreams of being an astronaut as a kid-turned into a reality, through you.

I'm glad everyone made it back safely.

aldodager said...

welcome back discovery!

DigitalCamera said...


This is one of the coolest blogs
that I have seen.

Good on ya.

I see you as an Astronaut already.

I hope to travel into space when
it becomes available commercially.

Keep up the good work.

Lord Havelock Vetinari said...

your blog is great!!!

Juan Pablo said...

Nice blog! Really inspiring :)

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Juan Pablo

Clark. C. McClelland said...

Hi Damaris:
I was an ScO for the Space Shuttle Fleet and wish you the very best in your quest to be an astronaut.
I was at Cape Canaveral and KSC from 1958 to 1992, a pioneer. I launched or observed 627 missions during that time.
Study hard and make some friends high-up to gain your goals.
I came close, but perhaps you can have your dream come true.

J.D. said...

i know you've heard it about 50,000 times... but... YOU HAVE ONE 'RAD' BLOG! Yes, trying to use 80's lingo to seem original. lol.

I stumbled across you site today, and it's one of the greatest finds I've made. Good luck, keep up the hard work!

Charlabeth said...

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Anonymous said...

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Quoc said...

VERY COOL BLOG!!! I really like your blog... I love the pictures... I admire your passion and drive towards realizing your dream. I will add this site and check it every now and then... Best of wishes in your continued endeavors to become an astronaut!


Alex said...

Upload upload!


Chris Ferenzi said...

Nice site. I always love reading what the people on the inside of NASA have to say. I hope to work there once I graduate with my Mech E degree. I tried getting a co-op, but no luck there. Keep posting!

captain_howdy_girl said...

What a bunch of spamming whores!
"I Loooooooove your blog, ohhhh please visit my blog!!!"
None of you even read her blog! You're just here because it get lots of hits and you think you can get more traffic by leaving some lame ass comment. You all suck-ass!

Peter said...

Good luck on achieving your dream of space travel. I enjoyed stopping by your corner of cyberspace!

Shashank said...

Yeah! Really nice to know that. I was damn sure that this time its gonna be a no mistake trip, but the weather put things in jeapordy. Thankfully, alls settled now.


Shola said...


There is a saying 'as a person thinks in their heart, so are they'

Lucarda said...

Greetings from Aachen in Germany. I watched the landing of Discovery on CNN and was very happy that everything went quite well.
I love reading your blog, I hope your dreams will come true one day.

Enya said...

Ooh, good blog..

Alex said...

God speed Damaris!

:O) R2000

Froggy said...

I really like your blog!! Good luck!

Fernanda said...

Wow, this blog is just great! I wish you the best!

CAROLINA said...

Good luck on your journey, I hope you make it.
Its really an amazing blog,you must be proud !!

Semper Fi said...

One of the Discovery crew members is a close relative, so, you can well imagine our family's heighten concern, but thanks to the prayers and concern of tens of thousands, the crew made it home safely.

Best wishes for success as you strive for your dream. Focus and discipline will get you there!

paige said...

i think your blogg is super i hope you get to acive your goal and its true you should always follow your dreams.

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Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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Iza Firewall said...
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