Monday, July 03, 2006

Even tomorrow's launch may not happen.

Yesterday after the scrub, there is an inspecting crew that inspected the external tank for ice buildup and looked for any cracks or missing foam. Well, a crack was found. It's in discussion right now, whether it needs to be repaired and what the options are. The crack was found on the foam insulation near one of the holding brackets that hold the oxygen feed line. It's about 4-5 inches in length.

Read more about the External Tank foam crack here...


mark_smith said...

Bad news hope they find a fix for it.


JMB said...

If they do launch tomorrow, we want pictures!!!!

God Bless,

cowtownchick said...

I've got my fingers and toes crossed for all of you working on this down there.

I was disappointed when I heard about the crack, but safety comes first. I hope it's repairable.



Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!