Monday, August 21, 2006

Go STS-115!!!

I think this has been the longest i have not written. I completed my 2 graduate courses and got A's. (yey) Tomorrow I register for another course.

Here are some pictures of Space Shuttle Atlantis at the launch pad. The launch is scheduled for Sunday Aug. 27th at 4:30pm. I really hope that the weather will permit us to launch. Today it was rainy in the afternoon I just hope the weather doesn't follow the pattern as it was with STS-121.

Lately at work i have been working on some process improvements and performing thermal blanket inspections with some co-workers on Space Shuttle Discovery. If you recall from STS-114, there was a thermal blanket patch whose stitches became detached next to Commander Eileen Collin's window. We are basically inspecting all the blankets to look for missing stitches exceeding the criteria or for fabric degradation. On top of the blanket inspections, a lot of paper is being kicked out for repairing degraded previous tile repairs. It's amazing how busy everyone is at work.

I am leaving the day after launch to go out to Houston to support JSC during the imagery inspection. This is when the team looks at the high-res pictures taken from the international space station to determine if there are any damages to the thermal protection system (tiles, thermal blankets, RCC).

Man, and what do you guys think about the 3 new planets? Crazy huh? There goes the rhyme I went by to memorize my planets when i was younger: My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. Here's an attempt to a new one from a website I read: Many Verses, Each May Change, Just Stick Under New Planet Called UB313

Hope everyone has a good week!!


mark_smith said...

Great to see a update. Hope the shuttle mission is as a good as the last one. Good luck to everyone involved.


cowtownchick said...

You got a's!... wooo!... you go girl... :o)

As far as the three new planets, I'm wondering if they'll stick.

When they first announced the possible presence of the new planet Sedna, then quietly took it's designation as a planet away again, I was very disappointed.

Poor little planet way out there in the Kuiper belt all by it's lonesome... least we could do is include it!.. :o)

Well I only hope these three get to keep their new found designation... Change is always exciting... :o)

I plan on watching the launch on Sunday... Good luck to you and the crew... :o)


Nicole said...

Good job on As in your 2 classes!

You got stuck counting stitches? Booo... I know that's no fun.

Kitlat said...

It looks now like it will be My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine.

Poor Pluto.

Congratulations on your A

Great pics of the shuttle!

mark_smith said...

Bad news about the shuttle been rolled back in Damaris. Have you got any news for us?