Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Do you support the Vision for Space Exploration???

Today I worked on finalizing my presentation for Ridley Park High School in Ridley Park, PA. In doing so, I recalled an important Washington D.C trip, where I met with members of Congress and encouraged them to support America's space program. I am going to explain the experience to the high school to encourage the younger generation to take the initiative to understand the importance of America's space program and the Vision for Space Exploration.

In 2004, I traveled to Washington D.C with members of the Citizens for Space Exploration. During this trip, we presented to members of Congress the benefits of space exploration and why they should support the space program in their budget. It was a great experience for me because people from different professional backgrounds and students voiced their support for the space program to Congress. Both, the professional and students, were very passionate about their message because they were aware of the benefits that space exploration offers to everyone. The next trip to Washington D.C. for the Citizens for Space Exploration is in May and I plan to support the organization by attending and extending my support for space exploration.

During my presentation at Ridley Park, I will be expressing to the students why it is important for them to become involved and to support America's space program. I feel that it is vital for the younger generation to become aware of the challenges, learn from the new findings, and take advantage of the opportunities generated by the space program.

Feel free to browse the following sites if you want to understand and learn more about the goals and benefits of the space program:


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Anonymous said...

Your passion really comes out through your work, and I'm glad that you're sharing it with so many. Your passion will... and I mean will inspire others!