Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Tuesday!

This evening I went to the BCC Planetarium where Bruce Melnick gave a talk about his astronaut experiences. The event was held to support the Citizens for Space Exploration raise money to sponsor students to join us in the annual Washington D.C trip this May. The students will join as advocates of the space program and help us gain support from our Senators and members of Congress.

I am more occupied with school this term than I was the last. However, I am really enjoying the classes. As a graduation requirement, I have to complete my Graduate Capstone Project and I am in the processes of finalizing my research topic. It will somewhere along the lines of researching why there is a lack of awareness among the public about the value and benefits of space exploration. I'll be conducting surveys to the general public to understand their perspective.

I've also been working out a lot lately! Also in May, I am going to be participating in the 2007 Muddy Buddy Ride & Run. I'd explain it, but the title says it all. It's basically a biking/running obstacle course with a giant mud pit finish line at the end. I'm excited!!!

At work, we're all still waiting to hear about the ET repair assessment/new launch date. Here's the latest info I have:

"Space Shuttle Atlantis, now parked in high bay No. 1 of the Vehicle Assembly Building, continues to undergo inspection for hail damage. Special scaffolding and access platforms have been erected to allow for the mapping and inspection of the external fuel tank, and repair methods and criteria are being developed.

Repairs to the orbiter's thermal protection system tiles are nearly complete, and technicians are preparing to conduct non-destructive evaluation of the vehicle's reinforced carbon-carbon panels on the left wing leading edge using thermography equipment.

Shuttle program managers plan to meet next week to assess the damage and repair status. "

Here's something cool.....How would you like to win a ZERO-G flight!?!
The ZERO-G raffle is being sponsored by Jacobs Engineering -- the prize is a flight on the ZERO-G Corporation's "G-Force One" aircraft (which simulates weightlessness) and $600 toward airfare and hotel (with a total prize value worth over $4200). This is a nationwide raffle, with the drawing taking place live at the Yuri's Night Houston party. Raffle tickets are $5 each, and will be available online at http://www.yurisnighthouston.net/zerog.php until April 10th, 2007. You can also purchase them in person at the YN Houston party on April 12th until approximately 8PM. You can purchase as many tickets as you like and do not have to be present to win. (You get one free entry with admission to Yuri's Night!

Since I'm not in Houston....I'll be entering for a chance online. I did experience microgravity on the KC-135 during NASA's RGSFOP and had a blast! Honestly, being in microgravity in the KC-135 (a.k.a Vomit Comet) has been one of my most memorable moments EVER!

GOOD LUCK!! http://www.yurisnighthouston.net/zerog.php

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Anonymous said...

I'm sad that the zero-g raffle is only open to American citizens. Maybe someone will organise something like this in the UK some time!