Saturday, November 17, 2007

Should we go to the moon and Mars?

On November 9th, 2007, the Orlando Sentinel posted a Friday Forum question of "Should we go to the moon and Mars?"

It was a question of determining if our space program was heading in the right direction. I felt the need to give my feedback and the response was published today at:,0,5366252.story

I highly encourage you to watch the video and read some of the comments others left, and think of what your answer may be to this question.


David said...

I am a big NASA supporter, but question the value of what is going on on the ISS. Perhaps NASA is a bad communicator but I have not heard much of commercial applications.

Several years ago NASA sold space to companies to perform experiments. The only taker was Coca Cola to test a 0g soda fountain. My impression is 14 lives for that and velcro?

As you are closer to the source, perhaps you can educate your readers as to more recent tech transfers and how NASA is working to commercialize discoveries.

Jay said...

We should do both.

Kitlat said...

A lot of commercial applications in the past came out of the work that was done to get astronauts to the moon and beyond. I think that as Gene Kranz said in his book, NASA needs real leadership. I think that NASA also needs a hero-be it a he-ro or a she-roe.

hartagrm said...

I liked your comments, but I must say that I am so tired of this whole argument to begin with. I mean how can we really argue about a question like this anyway??? I hate when these questions are even asked cause all it does is give people a forum to push their politics down others throats and frankly I have heard all I can stand. Everyone and I MEAN EVERYONE, knows the obvious right answer to this!