Friday, July 18, 2008

Galactic Suite: Space Resort

Yesterday, we visited the architectural center for Galactic Suite Limited. Galactic Suite is a planned space station intended for use as an orbital resort to be made operational in 2012. The 3-day stay will cost somewhere around $4 million per person. Included in the price is an 8-week intensive training course at a space camp on a tropic island. Velco will be available for the guests to stick to the walls around the hotel and showers are taken by entering a spa room filled with water bubbles. Space tourism is definitely increasing and there are people who are willing to pay this price. Check out there website:

Here are some pictures of their design center:

And now I'd like to post a picture for some of my friends from as they may know Laura as well. It was a coincidence that we met at ISU and knew the same people.


Paolo Amoroso said...

Greetings to Laura, whom I know. She has interesting stories from her visits to space centers, try asking her.

marcozambi said...

Oho! What a coincidence!!!
I know Laura very well, we're both involved in the speaker's team of the Planetarium "Città di Lecco", in Lecco, in northern Italy.
And we both have fun speakin' about astronautics to a lot of interested and enthusiast audience.
Greetings to Laura and to you Damaris.
What a little place is the World...