Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look for me on spaceflightnow.com tomorrow!

I am very optimistic that we will have a successful launch tomorrow night! STS-119 will be the 125th space shuttle flight and the 28th flight to the International Space Station. Discovery and its crew will deliver the final set of large power-generating solar array wings and integrated truss structure, S6, to the space station. The mission includes four spacewalks. Launch is still scheduled for 9:20 p.m EDT tomorrow!!

Tomorrow I will be on site at Kennedy Space Center not only go to work, but to also be interviewed during a live broadcast for STS-119 mission coverage. There may be some TV networks I'll be on, but I won't know which ones until tomorrow. I am scheduled to air on spaceflightnow.com around 7:45pm EDT. (see below)

Spaceflight Now and the Coalition for Space Exploration
invite you to tune in to a live five-hour video Web cast of the
Space Shuttle Discovery launch on Wednesday, March 11, from
Spaceflight Now's Mission Status Center at the Kennedy Space
Center. The shuttle launch is scheduled for 9:20 p.m. EDT. The Web
cast will start at 4:30 p.m. EDT at http://www.spaceflightnow.com

This revolutionary approach for bringing up-to-the-minute coverage to your computer and hand-held device will feature veteran broadcaster Miles O'Brien and David Waters. Special guest appearances include:

  • Astronaut Leroy Chiao, who flew four times to space and commanded the 10th expedition to the International Space Station

  • Damaris Sarria, Coalition Advisory Board Member and aspiring astronaut

    Tune in at www.spaceflightnow.com between the hours of 4:30 and 9:45 p.m. Follow the broadcasters, and ask questions, live via Twitter during the Web cast!

    Marco said...

    Of course we'll watch you, Damaris.
    Good luck!
    You really are becoming a VIP ;)

    section306g said...

    How great for you! I'll be checking in to see you AND the launch.

    Anonymous said...

    Ill be watching - if im not studying for my cal test tomarow morning.

    goodluck with everything!

    Ajit said...

    wow! U R ON TV! gr8. how did it go?