Thursday, January 14, 2010

Space Shuttle Program Commemorative Patch

NASA has revealed the 15 patch designs that will compete to become the agency's official commemorative emblem for the end of its space shuttle program later this year. A panel of NASA judges will select the winning artwork to be flown on STS-132, the final flight of space shuttle Atlantis as currently scheduled for launch in May. Before they make their selection though, NASA is giving employees a chance to vote for their favorite. is hosting their own voting for the top 15! To cast your vote for your favorite patch, Click Here

85 designs were received in the Space Shuttle Program Commemorative Patch Contest from a wide variety of individuals, including astronauts and former and current civil servants and contractors.

The winning design will be flown on an upcoming shuttle mission, and the winner will be presented with their flown artwork as an award. Click here for the 85 entries that were submitted. The top 15 entries can be viewed here.


Paul said...

The link to the patch vote seems to be broken.

Dave said...

There are two public links to the entries on the web site ...

Top 15 finalists

All 85 entries

(I think the "rendezvuos" link may be closed to the general public.)

Damaris B. Sarria said...

Thanks. You're right that the other link is internal. I realized after the posting that the voting was for employees only. But thanks for finding the links and I've updated them on my page!

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Robert said...

I have been working in Houston on the Shuttle since 2/1986. I'm sad to see the Shuttle retiring this year.

What is your opinion about retiring the Shuttle now? Do you think it should be used to shuttle Astronauts until a new vehicle is ready?

Anonymous said...

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