Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Space Coast - Society of Women Engineers Awards Banquet

Yesterday I attended the Space Coast's Society of Women Engineers Awards Banquet. I was nominated for the Distinguish New Woman Engineer award. We had guest speaker Dr. Cammy R. Abernathy (Dean, College of Engineering of University of Florida and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering) who gave a great insight about the economic shift in society that has effected the engineering disciplines within universities and industry.

I was selected to receive the award in the category I was nominated for. It was a great honor accepting this award last night and being surrounded by so many women who embrace leadership and give back to their community. I have had great support and encouragement from my mentors who have helped shape me professionally throughout my career. One thing I have learned for sure is that you can never have too many mentors. I learn a variety of qualities from the different people I look up to.

The ceremony was fantastic and I was amazed in the technical leadership of all the nominees. Below are the names of all the honorees that were recognized last night.

Nominees for Space Coast Distinguished New Woman Engineer of the Year
Mrs. Susie Allen-Sierpinski
Ms. Arianna Aron
Ms. Jessica Beahn
Lt. Sofia Calica
Ms. Patricia Del Rio
Mrs. Megan Jaunich
Ms. Brigette Linville-Padgett
Ms. Melissa Mierzwa
Ms. Erin Mulholland
Mrs. Rye Myers
Ms. Tzvetelina Petrova
Ms. Tamalyn Resnick
Ms. Amanda Sandberg
Ms. Damaris Sarria - recipient
Ms. Nicole Titus
Ms. Jessica Towslee
Ms. Sarah Walden

Nominees for Space Coast Technical Achievement Award
Capt. Shana Figueroa
Ms. Helen Garcia
Ms. Catherine Kammerer - recipient
Ms. Barbara Kerschner
Ms. Catheryn Logan
Ms. Teresa Sauter
Mrs. Carlyn Smith
Mrs. Marcella Solomon

Nominees for Space Coast Outstanding Woman Engineer of the Year Award
Ms. Beta Alfonso
Capt. Meredith Beg
Ms. Maria Groh-Hammond
Mrs. Kimberly Guodace
Mrs. Janice Jingle
Ms. Catherine Kammerer
Ms. Barbara Kerschner
Ms. Kathy McLaughlin
Mrs. Elaine Seiler
Mrs. Consuela Smith - recipient
Ms. Nancy Szpara
Ms. Denise Thaller


Jerry Critter said...

Congratulations! I am sure it is a well deserved honor.

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Buzz Ryan said...

Outstanding!! Congratualtions Ms. Sarria!

Eric said...

w00t! Congrats Mama D!

brian t said...

Congratulations - sounds like a genuine honor. (I'm sure there's also a "New Woman" joke in there too!)

Tim said...

Wow! Congrats! I hadn't heard anything about the SWE banquet. Will have to ask Jen about it...

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Wow, nice! Congratulations!

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Wonderful! I'm really happy for you. Your journey from trying to become an astronaut to where you are now has been an inspiration.

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