Sunday, June 13, 2010

Get your face in space!!!!

For as rainy and gloomy as it was this weekend in Boston, I turned out to have a pretty nice weekend!!! It amazes me how many events happened around the city here. This weekend I ventured out to the 2010 Health and Fitness Expo (got to meet Mario Lopez!) and explored the city a little more. I also bought a pair of rain boots and a good rain shell that I’ve definitely needed to not let the rain hamper my plans. I also found an awesome gym near my house that I've signed up with. There is a boxing class that is taught by a Women's Boxing Olympic coach and I've started really enjoying the sport and learning the correct techniques.

With two shuttle launches left (STS-133 in September and STS-134 in November), you can fly your face in space. Visit for details. I just submitted mine to fly on the last mission for STS-134.

JAXA’s Asteroid Explorer "HAYABUSA" successfully separated its capsule and re-entered the atmosphere to complete its mission. For about seven years since its launch in May 2003, the HAYABUSA successfully completed a great achievement by landing on the asteroid "ITOKAWA," gathering rocks and returning them to Earth.

Read the first diary post from ESA’s Mars500!!

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