Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I want the Shuttle Adventure!!!!

I want the Lego Shuttle Adventure (10213)! One of the guys at work had this at his desk today and I was completely jealous. The design is awesome and they nailed little details I can appreciate after working on the shuttle program.


john r. said...

Got it for my son for his birthday (on halloween!). Can't wait to give it to him. He'll be 9, and he loves Legos- his room is full of things he's made, and he LOVES the shuttle program. He actually went through a book on NASA he has just a few weeks ago and crossed out every instance of the word NASA because he's so mad that the shuttle program is ending!

So yeah, I'm thinking he'll love this set!

Tom said...

I bought this one for myself! I'm 42 years old, but they DO say 16+ on the kit. Woo hoo!

Stefano said...

Awesome! I want it! :) I played with Lego bricks in my childhood, building most of the times strange spaceships :) Now i can build the Shuttle, wow!