Thursday, March 01, 2012

Application Submitted for Mars Food Study!

Finally submitted my application late last night to the Mars Analog Mission and Food Study with Cornell/University of Hawaii! It was an intense week typing away in for the application! The application process has now closed and they have received an estimated 700 applications. Good luck to everyone who applied! This is such a great opportunity and we really need to support studies such as this one to contribute to understanding the physiological and psychological effects of long-duration missions on humans. Selected or not, it will be interesting to see the progress of the study on the possibilities of food prepared/consumed and how the crewmembers are effected.

FYI...On Saturday, Earth and Mars will arrive at their closest point from one another since the last 26. Martian features and polar caps should be visible through moderate-sized backyard telescopes! Several observatories plan to mark the occasion with web casts of the neighboring planet. One webcast that will be available is Slooh’s homepage or by visiting Slooh’s G+ page.

The Slooh Space Camera Homepage:

The G+ Slooh Space Camera Page is available at:


KBDR said...

Hi, from Holland.
Great, that you spend so much energy on the application. I applied to, but didn't send a complete research proposal. I wrote: first make your shortlist of 80 people based on the rest of the application form, and If I'm on the list, I will send in my proposal......
So, I presume you will have a better chance now than I have. Although I would hope the organisation will want a crewmenber from Europe as well....

I like your statement about following dreams very much, btw! You are the living proof of that statement.
I will follow your nice blog from now on.
Klaas Bartr

Damaris Sarria Toepel said...

Glad you submitted your application! Don't worry, I probably should have spent a lot more time with the background of the research proposal. I figured if they really liked the topic, I could do a better for making a more formal procedure if it sparked interest. Thanks for following the blog! :-)

John said...

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Unknown said...

Just found your blog. I applied to the Hi-SEAS program as well. I've also been blogging about the process and other general science topics. I'm being so unproductive today while waiting for first round announcements! Best of luck!