Tuesday, June 07, 2005

This is a picture of the space shuttle Discovery. I took this picture yesterday morning. They are currently doing minor tile repairs and the yellow crane will be lifting the shuttle up to replace the external tank. The nose and leading edge tiles are made of reinforced carbon carbon. These are the areas that experience the highest temperatures. Posted by Hello


Erin said...


Good luck!
I really hope that you achive your goal of becoming an astronaut.
Nice blog you've got going here.


lilmissjumper said...

wow is this after the shuttle was delayed for the second time?

Azizco said...

It says June 07 :)

jacrabit said...

Great pictures mate,and good work on your blogger,hope the shuttle is successfull in all of its endeavors,regards

thesof said...

that's what II call a good car


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Thank u