Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Burt Rutan's GlobalFlyer at KSC

The Atlantic GlobalFlyer is currently awaiting departure from KSC. It is statused at Code Red until at least February 6th. Due to the Chinese New Year's holiday, the China government bureaus are closed till Feb. 5th and an overflight permit has to be issued. The GlobalFlyer is in the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF) hanger. Here are some pictures of the aircraft.

Fossett will set the record for the longest flight of all time aiming to fly around 4,000 miles further than any plane or balloon has flown. Steve Fossett will again fly solo, non-stop and without refuelling in the Burt Rutan designed Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer - the same aircraft in which he successfully circumnavigated the globe (covering a distance of 20,373 miles / 32,786 km) in March 2005.

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Lord Shandoooo said...

Hey There Damaris

Love ya blog :-) I just come over it by random when I logged in to mine. "How I am becoming an Astronaut" just seemed to catch my eye. I have my own blog if your interested in seeing what a rock photographer gets up to . Sorry to hear about your lil dog passing away he looked very cheeky :-), perhaps he's having a ball chasing comets and cruising round some other planet, you can say hi when u get into space. Love the shuttle pics, keep up the good work!

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