Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And the new launch dates are..... "drumroll please"

June 8 (STS-117), August 9 (STS-118), October 20 (STS-120), December 6 (STS-122)....Those are the new launch dates for 2007. Get excited! :) As hurricane season begins June 1, I just hope Mother Nature doesn't bring us more surprises.

At the end of the May there may be a LESS/RCC imagery inspection simulation that I might attend. It's still in talk, but I really hope I get to attend the sim. It's similar to the imagery inspection I have been involved in with the tiles/blankets/gap fillers, however, this would include performing an imagery inspection of the nose cap, chin panel, wing leading-edge panels, and the forward ET attachment. It's a different area of expertise to learn about on the Orbiter, so I hope I get a chance to go out for the sim.

Today I received an e-mail saying I was approved for an over-the-limit credit registration. It sounded like a congratulatory e-mail, but I wasn't quite sure if I was supposed to be very enthusiastic at that point. I am registering for another class (yes, this will be class #4) this term that begins May 7. It begins in an overlapping term and the reason I wanted to take it on top of my other classes is to not have to take three classes next term. After these 4 classes, I will only have 2 classes left that I will be taking together, and I will then be complete with my graduation requirements by October if all goes as planned.

Oh and by the way.....4 hours, 24 minutes....Astronaut Sunita Williams finishes the Boston Marathon (26.2 miles)...IN SPACE! She's too cool! (Click here for the article)

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Kev said...

hey I'll actually be in Florida for the December launch (if it goes on schedule)!! It'd be the first one I've ever seen in-person!
My daughter saw the launch last July with her grandparents while on a trip to Florida. I sure it goes as scheduled!