Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Update on STS-117 Launch Date

Well it looks like launch would be no earlier than June 8th. We will be sticking with the current tank that has been undergoing repairs instead of swapping it out with a new one. Roll out to the launch pad could possibly be as early as May 6th. (Yey!)

Today I attended another planning session meeting with the Citizens for Space Exploration as we get closer to our Washington D.C trip. I offered to generate a list of recent NASA spinoff technology by state that can be helpful to use as talking points during our congressional appointments.


Andy Robson said...

That looks like a Space Age post-it note hell!

What is the difference between the red, yellow and red circle labels?

mark_smith said...

Some good news at last cant wait for the launch :)


mark_smith said...

Happy Yuri’s Night :)


Astronomer said...

Hello Damaris,

Awesome blog you have. Very intresting to read. And thanks for the kind reaction to my blog site.

If there ever is a vote on who is to go in space, i'm going to vote in favour! ;-)