Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Atlantis Landing on Thursday!!

What a mission so far! Seriously! Atlantis undocked today from the International Space Station and the crew is all clear for Thursday's re-entry and landing. I am sure Suni Williams is delighted to be coming home along with the rest of the crew.

The S3/S4 truss on the Space Station was delivered and all work complete. Astronaut Danny Olivas did a fine job repairing the blanket on the OMS pod and a lot of work from the ground engineers and analysts went into evaluating the thermal/aerodynamic load conditions as well as devising a plan that could be performed in space with the available materials onboard.

Unfortunately, I will not be at the landing site this time, but I will be waiting for the sonic boom and still be close enough to get some pictures.

Endeavour will be rolling out to the VAB next week! I am so excited for this next mission and Atlantis' return.

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mark_smith said...

Thanks Damaris look forward to seeing the pictures.