Friday, October 19, 2007

3 days until launch!

I have many great things to look forward to this coming week!

A group from Italy is here to see the STS-120 launch and show their support to the crew and especially ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli. The group is associated with Back in June, I was interviewed by Marco Zambianchi and a webcast was made available at Well, they are here in Cape Canaveral and I will be meeting them for dinner tomorrow night. I am very excited to talk to them and meet them!

This week I completed one more class for my master's program which leaves only my research to complete. I decided to take a little more time in revising certain chapters and will officially enroll in my last class in December, which means being complete with the Master's program in April 2008.

Monday I will be interviewed by various television networks about the work I do in the Thermal Protection Systems group. The interviews will take place at the KSC press site. So who knows, you may see me on t.v!

As soon as Discovery takes off from KSC, I will be taking off to Houston to support on-orbit imagery inspections for Discovery's RCC and wing leading edge. This will be my first mission in supporting that group. Then, I should be getting back just in time for Atlantis to roll over to the VAB. Processing on Atlantis continues and we're really down to crunch time in getting things done in time.

What a week to look forward too!!!

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Michael said...

Hey Damaris!
Michael Sacchi here, the "other" voice of the webcast.

I'm SO sorry I won't be there to have dinner with you and the others know, I'm an ocean away right now :)

Wish you all the best for your work in this mission!