Saturday, October 20, 2007

I miei nuovi amici italiani!!!

Tonight I met my new friends from Italy that are anxiously awaiting the STS-120 launch on Tuesday. We went to dinner at the Italian Courtyard in Cocoa Beach. We all had a great time tonight conversing and they graciously presented me with a gift that was very much appreciated (below). Along with the wall clock was a card signed by them all that said "...cause an astronaut cannot be late on her launch day..."

I am humbled by the people who believe in me and motivate me in pursuing my dream in becoming an astronaut. I will be submitting my application in we'll see. :)



Alien Insomniac said...

How long is the wait for word on an application?

Unknown said...

Hi Damaris!
I'm Alberto (the clock guy :D ), I have to thank you for the great time spent with us in cocoa during that dinner (finally a true italian restourant :D) where we all have had the confirm about your kindness and your true and strong passion for what you do, and all of us hope it will conduct you where we know.
That dinner was the prelude of an unforgetable holliday culminated with a wonderful shuttle launch... What experience!
I hope you will continue to be in contact with us, throug the forum or by mail and maybe in the future we could return the visit if you will ever come in Italy for an as much unforgetable holliday.
Thanks for everything and a big big GOOD LUCK!


Anonymous said...

Hi Damaris!
I was with you during that dinner, I'm Luca and I did some photos that evening.
Well, it was a great holiday, and the Discovery's launch was a great experience!!

I wish to you good luck, and I hope to meet you soon!


Paolo Amoroso said...

Some more pictures from that meeting:

Thanks again -- Paolo (not the STS-120 guy)