Sunday, February 10, 2008

STS-122: Flight Day 4

Today we are going to perform a focused inspection of the protruding blanket on the right OMS pod. What that means is that we will utilize a high-definition camera mounted on the tip of Atlantis's 50-foot robotic arm to get better imagery of our blanket of concern. The crew will be able to take photos of the blanket and photos down in the cavity so we can generate more accurate measurements of the protrusion. Once we have these photos the analysis team will proceed with analyzing if the blanket condition it acceptable for reentry without repair and then the team I am working with (Team 4), will assemble test panels for demonstrating repair methods. The test panels are set up so we can have a suited astronaut practice certain repair methods to see how feasible it would be with the gloves, tools, etc. So right now, we're just waiting for those new photos to come in with the exact condition we have.

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gyokusai said...

Thank you for reporting and keeping us up to date! This is really exciting.