Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I am officially a PADI Open Water Diver!

Sunday, my diving group and I went just off the coast of Pompano Beach to complete our last open water dive. We dove down to 60 feet to the Sea Emperor and Turtle Ledge Reef.

The Sea Emperor is a 171-foot barge that rests upside down in 72 feet of water. The Sea Emperor was formerly a hopper barge that was donated as part of a fine levied on a dredging company that destroyed some reef habitat of Palm Beach County. She was filled with large concrete culverts and sunk off Boca Raton. When the barge sank it flipped, scattering the culverts on the sand and landing upside down.

I was able to see a multitude of beautiful fish and got a chance to see a huge Southern Stingray and a Green Moray Eel. Click on this link (link) to see a very awesome video of the resident Eel that we saw named "Baby". Her jaw is offset because there was a hook that got caught in her mouth. The owner of our dive shop told us that she was hand fed for a while by another dive owner until she recovered. She is very welcoming to divers. The second dive was a drift dive to Turtle Ledge Reef. I was able to see a sea turtle sleeping at the bottom!

I think I am really going to LOVE my new hobby. :)


Rainmaker said...

Congrats! You're gonna love scuba!

Julie Rodriguez Jones said...

Great video of Baby. Your ability to dive will add to your resume when you apply to be an astronaut too. (Did you do that yet?)