Saturday, May 10, 2008

Orlando Muddy Buddy 2008: Completed!!!!! :)

After running and biking about 6 miles, here I am about to crawl through the mud pit to get to the finish line:

Here I am submerged in the mud:

And then there is the after shot of me all muddy after the race and ready for a shower. :)

It was a fun, yet an exhausting day.

And some more pictures :)


sidd said...

hey,damarris,im siddharth 19 years of age,currently in 2nd year doing my btech in aerospace engg.,im from new delhi,india.
i cherish the same dreams as you do,although years behind you but slowly making progress,i plan to give the gre next year and after my grad i plan to come to the usa for my further studies,
one day i had an idea of googling to search for people just like you in the states who are or are working towards becoming an astronaut.thats how i landed up on your blog and kudos to you do you fill in what i expected!..i have read all your blogs uptill 10 may2008 and its wonderful you have so blogged amazingly about your day to day life and your goals ahead..
(your slowly attaining demi god status for,as im begnnig to see what i want to be already in you..i did blog i lil bit but that was just a little but now i see that blogging is such a great way of meeting like minded people and in a way it boosts your own self check your blog everyday and keep track of whats happening with you..i read you applying for the astronaut corps and i wish you all the very best for look forward to ever blog you write with great interest and may even want certain advice from you in the future,if you have read till now,i apologize for this wayyy long comment on your post :P ..cya and keep writing,sidd

Juhan said...


Necross said...

Hey! This blog is a treasure! I just stumbled on it. I have pretty much the same goal as you. I'm currently finishing up my first year in Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo in Canada and am heavily involved with the Mars Society chapter of Canada. I've pretty much got the same plan as you. Maintain awesome physical health, skydive, scuba dive, get a private pilots license etc.. It's good to see that someone has the same goal and more or less the same approach as me...and now I'm off to reading your blog.