Thursday, June 05, 2008

SpaceTec's Florida Aerospace Microgravity Training Program

This week has been absolutely fantastic! On Tuesday, I started the Microgravity Training Program with SpaceTec. A group of 75 Florida aerospace technicians, engineers and scientists have been split up into 3 flight groups. I am assigned to flight group 2 that will be flying next Sunday morning. We have been given presentations from a great group of program coordinators related to the microgravity environment. In our presentation today, we were shown the following video related to how fluids react in microgravity. Watch the whole the don't want to miss the Alka-Seltzer reaction!!!

I am really looking forward to the flight on Sunday. We have some more training to complete next week to go over some activities we'll be performing during the flight to get a first-hand experience of how the lack of gravity effects certain tasks we are able to perform in the gravity environment. With Zero G's G-Force-One Boeing 727-200 aircraft, parabolic maneuvers will be performed in order to create the microgravity environment. The controlled ascent and descent of the plane will allow us experience Martian gravity (1/3-gravity), Lunar gravity (1/6-gravity), and microgravity.

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sidd said...

interesting micro gravity experiments,do give an update on how your flight was,my 4th smester exams are over and we have been given a summer project where i am to study and design an improved aircraft engine suspension system,its a lot of work!! my mentor says that we are to try and aim for filing a patent application once we are done as that shall be good for is going full steam ahead!do keep posting..