Wednesday, February 14, 2007

One more semester complete!

Well first off, I am relieved to say that I am through with my 3 grad courses I was taking! 3 research papers: DONE! Three finals: DONE! Next semester I will be taking three more, then two the following...and I will have a Masters in Aeronautical Science.

Yesterday I went to my first meeting with the Citizens for Space Exploration in Cocoa Beach. The organization conducts an annual trip to Washington D.C to express to Congressmen and Senators the value and benefits of space exploration. What I strongly admire about the organization is the interest of the people. The name says it all. "CITIZENS" for Space Exploration. Not everyone is an engineer, scientist, or directly works in the space industry, BUT they do have a passion to support America's investment in space exploration.

Thursday through Saturday I will be attending the annual Women in Aviation International conference. There are some good leadership workshops and seminars planned and it will be a great networking opportunity! Then after the conference is through, I will be flying to Pennsylvania. Next week I will be talking with the students of Ridley High School. I just hope the "winter" weather cooperates!

At 7am tomorrow, Space Shuttle Atlantis is planned to move out of the VAB and roll out to the LC-39A. March 15th, here we come!!!

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mark_smith said...

Hope you have a good trip hope you give us all a good report on your trip.