Friday, July 10, 2009

Do You Think We'll Launch?

Join Miles O'Brien, David Waters and astronaut Leroy Chiao for our live webcast of Endeavour's launch on Saturday from Kennedy Space Center. The show starts at 3:00 pm EDT at I will be interviewed by them at 5:45 pm EDT!!!!

Air Force weather forecasters continue to predict a 60% chance that thunderstorms will interfere with Saturday's scheduled launch of shuttle Endeavour. :(


Stephan said...

Hopefully YES! The International Space Station is tracking over my area and there are a bundle of sighting opportunities for this week. It would be great to see Endeavour chase down the ISS from the ground!

Anonymous said...

Please lift a short version of the video for your site if it's ok with all the Miles O'Brien people, if it's professional to ask, and if it's an exciting video