Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Successful Launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour!!

After five delays ranging from hydrogen leaks to unfavorable weather, space shuttle Endeavour and her crew are finally on their way to the International Space Station. Here are some pictures I took while I watched launch from the press site near the countdown clock.

Before launch I had a very quick interview with Central Florida News 13 where I got to talk a little bit about the thermal protection system imagery review we will be assisting with at Johnson Space Center. My friend Nicole was able to get a portion of the interview while she was watching it on TV (Thanks Nicole!):

I was able to get a quick shot of our international partners from JAXA who came out to witness the final two components for the Kibo module successfully launch with Endeavour!! Did you know that Kibo means 'hope'? :) Check out pages 33 - 68 in the STS-127 press kit that offers some awesome insight on the payload and the new "porch" in space. :)

Post flight, there was some debris and damage was was detected along the right side of the wing. From looking at the damage, it looks very similar to what occurred during STS-125. But that's exactly where my team comes into play. Right before docking with the ISS, the ISS crew will take high-res photos for us to view the area clearly. We should also be able to see the damage with the orbiter boom sensor system by tomorrow as well. I'm off to pack now and get ready for a flight to Johnson Space Center tomorrow to help out with this.


Anonymous said...

Tell your friend not to move the camera around so much. I'm getting dizzy.

Great response to the question. You did great.

Your feelings were correct. The launch did happened.

He tried to trick you with the fake handshake by taking his hand away. That sneaky guy! lolz.

Damaris B. Sarria said...

Yeah, I thought he was going in for a handshake in the end and I had no choice but to follow through with it. Kind of awkward.

ken mankoff said...

Hi Damaris,

Nice interview. And nice blog. Quick tip: When interviewing, don't switch between interviewer and camera, just keep your eyes focused on them.

Anonymous said...


I just watched NASA briefing. They don't have much information yet. Do you have any earlier info for us regarding the foam problem?

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