Saturday, July 18, 2009

STS-127: Flight Day 4

Late last night we finished the review images for any damage to Endeavour's heatshield. Aside from those damages that we detected during ascent, the vehicle was in pretty clean condition. Today there will be preparing charts and attend a series of meetings to discuss the damages we did find so they can be cleared for reentry. This involves putting charts together that include the dimensions, expected heating, etc. and a lot of discussion with the analysts.


Anonymous said...

Are they not going to post the images of the damaged tiles? I have not been able to find it on nasa's website or any other places. I would think by now that they've taken pictures of them.

Arrmand said...

Hi Darnaris,

Just thought I would say I love your blog, I would love to take part in the space program, what a party talking point.

I hope you keep us posted as to Endeavour's progress in space, I must admit one of my fantasys is to watch a space shuttle take of one day.

Thanks :)