Saturday, December 01, 2007

Can't wait for March!

I'm in such a great mood today. I bought a Christmas tree and decorated it tonight. I'll at least get to enjoy it for a little while before I have to leave for Houston next week for mission imagery support. HOPEFULLY, I will get to enjoy the tree for Christmas as well. I'm on landing support for Atlantis. If we do not have favorable weather in Florida for landing, the orbiter could land at Edwards Air Force Base in California if they have acceptable landing conditions. So there is a possibility that I may need to work close to the holiday break.

The next highlight of my day was registering for my SCUBA certification class! The place I went to had a holiday special I couldn't turn down. The classes last four weeks but I won't be starting until March. I had to pick a month where I didn't already have travel/missions going on because you really don't want to miss the classes. So January and February were out for me. I'm very excited for this potential new hobby!


brownpau said...

Have fun with the SCUBA classes! Certification was kind of a rite-of-passage for all the members of my family; we all SCUBA dive, so all four of us boys had to get certified at 13 years of age. Much later on when I stopped dreaming of becoming an astronaut (lucky you!) I consoled myself with the fact that I could still go to the beach and suit up to experience a semi-weightless alien environment.

I imagine SCUBA knowledge will also come in handy in the EVA training tank?

Paolo Amoroso said...

Last year, at we posted some pictures related to Christmas and space. Enjoy.

George said...

Hello Damaris,

What a beautiful Christmas tree! Just make sure to unplug those Christmas lights before you go to "H-town". Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your coming SCUBA class. I hope we can catch one of the Space Shuttle Launch bafore NASA retires them. We miss you very much here in gloomy Seattle.