Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Final Debris Walkdown before launch!!

I am just getting back from helping out with the final debris walkdown at the launch pad. At around 8:30, the Rotating Service Structure (RSS) was rolled back from around Space Shuttle Atlantis. I had the most incredible view of the Shuttle once the RSS retracted.

So here are some pictures from tonight. The first one is an awesome picture of Space Shuttle Atlantis. We performed the debris walkdown on the Mobile Launch Platform (MLP) and then moved on to the pad surface. In the next picture is me picking up whatever type of foreign object debris I found. The following picture is from when I was down inside the FLAME TRENCH!! Not a place anyone would want to be in tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of the pictures in the slide show. Now I'm going to bed so I can be well rested to support launch tomorrow!! More pictures to follow!


Marco said...

Lucky you!
Hey, if you need a pair of well tuned eyes to find out any kind of debrees down to the launch pad, please, feel free to call me.
I'll be there in about 12-16 hours :D

Wish you the best for your role in this mission, and thanks for the photos! :D

Rainer said...

Cool. Sooo cool... I wish I could have been with you! This must have been a really good experience.

I am over here in Germany and will go to the Columbus Control Center today and view the launch from there. I hope a lot of interesting folks will be there, too.

In case you would be interested (and don't have better ones ;)) I have animated the RSS retraction based on public webcam images.

All the best for launch day!

ADB said...

Hello Damaris! Thanks for these great pictures from a very exciting activities in on of the "hottest" place at NASA... The place to be!

Ciao from Italy and Godspeed Atlantis!

(one of the friends, unfortunately not one of the lucky ones present at KSC for STS120 launch)

Lugosi said...

I'm guessing it can get quite warm in the flame trench?