Monday, December 10, 2007

Some pictures of mockup Orion Crew Module

About a week ago or so I posted some pictures I found on a NASA blog of the mockup Orion Crew Module. Here are two more pictures.

NASA Dryden's Fabrication Branch constructed the mockup of the Orion crew module. More simplified than the actual spacecraft, the Orion mockup is the actual size of the real thing, inside and out. Two pad abort and four ascent abort flight tests of the launch abort system are planned, all unmanned, with the first scheduled for 2008 and continuing through 2011.


Rainer said...


I'd like to link to this post from my blog, but with each post I try to have a picture. Would it be OK if I pull one of your pictures for that purpose?


Damaris B. Sarria said...

Sure go ahead! I actually got them off the NASA site..

Some CAD figures of the module are located here:

Rainer said...

Excellent, will make the post today! Thanks for finding these pics :)


Rainer said...

Hi Damaris, just posted:

While writing that post I wondered how you feel when you look at that capsule. After all, don't you intend to fly in one...?


Donald Brown said...

Surfing the net I came across your blog. I went to medical school and became an anesthesiologist but I sure am jealous of your carrier choice. What a cool job !! Best of luck !! If I hadn't invested so much time already, I'd change into an aeronautical engineer...what an exciting time to be involved.

Paul Binet-Barbé said...

Dear Damaris...
Is Sarria your single or married second name?
That 'cause maybe I'm almost a relative of yours...
and I say ALMOST because my first girlfriend at the end of the seventies was Sarria: Iris Sarria. Well, as you suppose it didn't work.
I don't expect she'll be a direct relative of yours like your aunt or so. That would be too improbable in this vast, vast world, but I decided to write you because your name catched my attention and refreshed old memories... and of course because I am kind of a spaceflight fan. Yes; I wittnesed Apollo moon flights and before July 1969 I became familiar to that saga even younger than 10. I actually came to your blog looking for Orion capsule shots for my image collection.
So, from Villa Alemana, Chile, where I live now, I wish the best for you and for your dream. Good luck Damaris!