Saturday, January 26, 2008

SWE's Introducing Girls To Engineering!

Today I volunteered my time in being a workshop leader at SWE's annual Introducing Girls to Engineering event. The girls get a full day of workshops related to an engineering field. Some examples of the workshops are programming robots, designing/building roller costers, straw structures, alkaseltzer rockets, and truss bridges. I could go on with the list as there were so many workshops the kids could choose from. I was the leader for the chemistry of lip gloss. The girls made their own lip gloss with different bases, flavoring, and coloring. I made sure every girl knew what hydrogenation meant by the end of the workshops. I had a great time teaching them how chemical engineering tied into making lip gloss and they were so thrilled when they got to take the lip gloss they actually made home in a container. I led 5 workshops, am a little exhausted, and have red food coloring all over my hands which is a little hard to wash off. But overall, it was well worth it!!!


Rainmaker said...

That's pretty cool that they do that. For years to come everytime they apply lip gloss they'll be thnking about all of the stuff that goes into it.

Aklaseltzer rockets rule though!

Anonymous said...
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Jerry said...

I am again amazed at all the things with which you get involved. I don't know where you find the time or energy to do it all.

Congratulations! You are a great role model for the young women (and, yes, the young men also) of our country.