Wednesday, January 02, 2008

We're actually going to get a "winter" day!

Tomorrow, NASA managers will meet at 10 a.m. EST to decide on actions that will allow them to set a new launch date for Atlantis. At 5 p.m. EST shuttle program manager Wayne Hale will update the status of efforts to launch Atlantis. It's unlikely a new launch date will be set on Thursday, but managers should create a plan for correcting the faulty sensor readings.

In the meantime, we're supposed to get freezing temperatures here tonight! Apparently, the last time it got this cold was in 2003. I guess I'll actually have to dust off my jacket to take it to work tomorrow! To protect Space Shuttle Atlantis from these temperatures on Pad 39A, technicians have prepared heaters that will be activated for the orbital maneuvering system and the solid rocket boosters. Additionally, systems that contain water will be protected by keeping that water flowing so it cannot freeze.

Now, to start off 2008 right, I've created myself an eating plan to make sure I am not going overboard on calories and incorporating more veggies and protein, and less fat. I am about to go running and I already created my little map using As soon as I get back, I'll have to get back to studying for the GRE.

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Nicole said...

Gah! January 2003 was terrible because everyone was woefully unprepared. My parents came to visit for my birthday and didn't bring winter jackets... we went to the Visitor's Center that day and there were snow flurries! Bundle up!