Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Atlantis to reach Hubble today!

Right now, Atlantis is less than 9 miles from the Hubble Space Telescope!!

The crew is in the final rendezvous stages and is closing in on the telescope. Atlantis will capture the Hubble Space Telescope using the robotic arm. Astronaut Megan McArthur will be the primary operator of the Orbiter's 50-foot-long robotic arm and plans to grapple the telescope around 12:54 p.m. EDT and then mount it on a service platform at the back of Atlantis' payload bay. Once captured, it will set the stage for five spacewalks.


Stephan said...

I'm following this right along on NASA TV. Very exciting to listen to the radio transmission especially when the STS-125 crew said they could finally see Hubble as a "bright star".

Paul Gatti said...

Hei! I think you're very gnocconauta.