Saturday, May 23, 2009

Landing postponed until tomorrow

Again, the weather does not look favorable today as well to land at Kennedy Space Center. The astronauts will spend another day in space and try again tomorrow at 10:11 a.m. EDT for KSC. It does look like we will have improved weather conditions. However, if that changes, we would land at Edwards Air Force Base.


Christopher Lusardi said...

Damaris can you answer a question for me?

Okay, as the commander recently explained, Atlantis is like a rock with small wings and can't make multiple passes around the air field, but why does the shuttle have to be fearful of crashing.

I understand that strong winds would be detrimental to landing any aircraft, but can you summarize with us some specific reasons for not landing during bad weather? Why could the shuttle crash?

Is it just because lightening might reck havoc with the electrical systems onboard the aircraft, or are the pilot and commander afraid of losing sight of the runway once landing is commenced from space.

Which electrical systems are critical to avoiding bad weather.

Am I partly right or wrong.

Christopher Lusardi said...

The below link indicates that NASA will announce the astronaut candidate class of 2009 next week.

I'm going to apply to the NASA astronaut program when they take applications again.

Realistically, I actually feel that not getting chosen on my first attempt is a good thing because some people get selected after trying for about 20 years.

Tyson said...

Hi Damaris, I just somehow came across your blogger site and I am super impressed by your progress. I read you bought your own home and got started in a new career a while back. That is exactly where I am at in life right now. I am an aircraft maintenance engineer near the Arctic in Canada. I'm doing the walk through on my new house on May 23rd. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for being an inspiration for so many " and remember to follow your dreams no matter what others may think of them." Those are words to live by. This year I will be building my own aircraft, against my parents wishes.

Christopher Lusardi said...

The site

now says they'll announce the class in June.