Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sparlingville Elementary School - Day 2

My second day at Sparlingville Elementary consisted of giving more presentations to the classes, but the coolest thing was when I walked outside to see the different "space stations" that were set up with different space-related projects for the kids to work on and rotate around. The kids were thrilled to work on the projects and learned so much about space.

I had fun visiting the school and I loved to see that the students were so engaged in my presentation. :)


Anonymous said...

Damaris, if you were to try to make an educated guess about categorizing all those students into one of the following groups how many kids would go in each group.

The groups are just having fun and can't tell, definate future astronaut, probable future astronaut, likes space, and too busy with other things to become an astronaut.

You can add other groups if you want.

Damaris B. Sarria said...

I spoke to a little over 300 students over the course of my visit. I can't categorize kids, especially in elementary school, because their views are still being formed. I speak to these students because they don't have the exposure or know the interesting things about the space program that will engage them.

I would have to say that I did not encounter one student who was not intrigued by the presentation or Space Day overall.

They were learning in a fun way, which is very key. I just can't categorize students after one visit and at such an early age. I do feel, however, that elementary school students are in a very good age range for us to target the fields of science and technology.

I'll put all the kids in one group and say they were all inspired and interested in space exploration. Not one student was bored with the subject. :)