Monday, June 01, 2009

Sparlingville Elementary School Visit

Atlantis left Edwards Air Force Base just in time for me to catch a flight to Michigan. On Wednesday, Sparlingville Elementary School in Kimball, MI. will be having a giant Space Day for all their students. I will be the guest speaker talking about the space shuttle and the fun things I get to do. We've broken the school presentations up in two days so I will be talking to some grades tomorrow and then also on Wednesday! The students have a lot of fun projects and events set up. I try to speak to schools that don't have a NASA center nearby so I'm extra excited about talking to the students tomorrow. Probably what I enjoy the most is experiencing the students' reaction and their questions on the presentation.

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John said...

How does one go about booking you for such an event? I try like crazy to get my kids' school interested in the space program, to the point of asking the principal if they're going to watch the launch or landing and she invariably says "There's a launch today?" *sigh*

I make it a very big deal with my Cub Scout Pack, of which I'm the Cubmaster. We go out every chance we get to see the shuttle/ISS pass over. Wish we lived close enough to try to actually witness a launch!