Friday, December 15, 2006

During the Imagery inspection

Many of you know that after the space shuttle launches from Kennedy Space Center, I head out to Johnson Space Center the next day to support looking at imagery obtained as the Orbiter approaches the International Space Station. During the last mission, there were more photos of me and the group at work, but this time, there were only a couple. The first one is, yes, of the back of my head. After we all complete looking at the imagery, we have a tradition of 'milk-n-cookies'. So here's a snapshot of me caught dipping my oreo in my milk!

(milk-n-cookies photo credit: David R. Bretz)


David said...


I really enjoy your Blog. I'm an engineer and a Space nut, and it's really entertaining to read some of the things you are going through. Good luck with getting to space, and please keep blogging...


Anonymous said...

I love the milk-n-cookies tradition! Work hard, play hard! Love it!