Saturday, December 23, 2006

Welcome home for Discovery from its 33rd Flight!!

Waiting around yesterday was so suspenseful!! 1st attempt to land at KSC passed us up. Then we thought it was going to land in Dryden and it ended up the it was going to be KSC. We were anxiously listening to weather briefings and getting the latest updates. It was a long day yesterday, but so worth it!! Personally, I think after experiencing my 1st runway landing, it's more exciting than a launch. Although i have to admit that a launch is really cool to watch. There is just so much suspense in a landing. From hearing the sonic boom, to seeing the first sighting of the Orbiter, to having the astronauts come out while you're inspecting. Last night, it was drizzling a little bit but I was under the Orbiter so i didn't get too wet. We took pictures and noted the major points of interest and left a mini tag-up report on the overall condition of Discovery Thermal Protection System. Overall, Discovery came back looking in great shape. Nothing out of the ordinary. Anybody see me in the background on t.v? LOL! Hope you enjoy my little slide show below!


Anonymous said...

It is so cool that you got to experience that! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Jack Lee said...

I see in your blog that you haven't mentioned Lisa Novak anywhere. As a female astronaut, she must have been an inspiration to you. Have you found the "incident" confusing? What have you thought about the pressures on an astronaut that can make them buckle in this way? Have you considered the personal, intimate life of such a demanding, high profile career?