Friday, December 29, 2006

My Holiday Vacation so far

I didn't think I was going to be busy.....but who was i kidding!? For 2 straight days I have been studying for a midterm in my space medicine and habitation course. A very interesting class I must say, because it is introducing me to the effects of space on the human physiology. Yesterday I took a break from studying and mapped that I will be graduating with my first Master's next December. Aside from studying I have also been taking care of my 3 year old niece. She is a handful because the girl has got a ton of energy, but so fun to be around. She so innocent and intelligent!!! Ha ha....and then there is me, her crazy aunt, sitting with her to watch reruns on the NASA channel as they broadcast the 13 day STS-116 mission. But hey, now when she sees an astronaut, she'll call it out and get excited!

Speaking of astronauts, a co-worker gave me the best Christmas present ever!!! It's a book by Astronaut Mike Mullane called Riding Rockets, and he even got it personally signed for me! I have been reading it since I opened it and it's so hard to put down. It's GREAT!!! Any space enthusiast has got to get this book! It's hilarious and a good insight on his life, what he went through to become an astronaut, and reflections from particular missions. I highly recommend this book! F.Y.I: The book is geared to adults, and not children.

I hope everyone spent a great holiday with either loved ones or friends. Has everyone been thinking about their New Year's Resolution. Here's what's on my list. 1.) Eating Healhy/Exercising 2.) Strengthing relationships by calm communication 3.) Not spending money where I don't need to and keeping a budget.

Well, I have 3 more lectures to watch right now so I am going to keep studying. I'll be posting next year!! Adios!


mark_smith said...

Happy New Year :)


John D Infidel said...

Hope you had a relaxing vacation. I enjoy your blog so please keep up the good work! I envy you, I would love to work at NASA.
ad Astra!

Patrick said...

You, relaxing? Ha!
When are you not busy?

Happy New Year! Looking forward to many more stories, from you!

igor said...

Happy New Year Damaris.

you're on Nasawatch

Take care,


Matt Bille said...

Hello, Damaris,
I just came upon your blog. I am an "Apollo kid," author of the book "The First Space Race," and just generally a space buff. (I cover space and other topics on my own blog at )
So I was fascinated when I saw this. Please keep blogging, and good luck.
Matt Bille