Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What a week!!! And it's not even over yet!

If Space Shuttle Discovery lands at KSC on Friday, I will be supporting along with another co-worker to be out on the runway. So if it lands on at KSC and you watch the NASA channel, you may see me on t.v. Upon landing and after the astronauts are removed from the Orbiter, we get to greet them and shake their hand, and then perform a walk-down and take pictures of the major visible damages on the orbiter to later compile a post-flight landing report. If the weather is not good here, then they will scrub the landing at KSC and land at Edwards AFB or maybe even White Sands(due to cold temps at Edwards AFB). I'm excited because it will be my first time to be out on the runway for a landing. It will be a great first time experience.

In February 2007, I will be traveling to Ridley Park High School again to give them a talk! They're eager and so am I!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome! Good luck with the high school presentation!

Unknown said...

Good luck with the 105 lead role. It can get pretty crazy!!