Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mobile Launch Platform (MLP)

The purpose of the Mobile Launch Platform (MLP) is to move the fully assembled Space Shuttle to the launch pad for flight. It weighs about 6 million pounds and the speedometer only goes from 0 to 2 mph. It usually takes about 5 hours for the trip from the Vehicle Assemble Building (VAB) to the launch pad (3 1/2 miles!!!!). I couldn't get a picture of it on friday, but what I wanted to show here was the rock path to the side of the VAB. Since the MLP weighs so much, "rock paths" are laid out so the MLP doesn't crush the ground cement. You can sort of see in the picture the whole rocks and then the finely crushed-rock footprints the crawler transporter left behind.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I have complete my first graduate course..yey!

I just finished taking part 2 of my online final. First let me share with you the craziness I went through. I took part 1 of my final on thursday around midnight. By the time I finished, I was debating on whether or not I should move on to part 2. I decided to take it because I didn't want to worry about it on friday or the weekend. So at 2:00 am I start my final..then..with my luck, as I was trying to submit question 2, it said "page cannot be displayed". Adelphia (my cable ISP) decided to do a maintenance till 6am. I'd have to say I was not very happy. The session was timed for only an hour an a half! I couldn't sleep because I was worrying that my professor wasn't going to buy my story. Since I didn't sleep, i kept refreshing the page and then finally at 5:38, it was back up. I emailed the prof with my situation and then had to get ready for work. Just today, he reset it for me since I was locked out. But, I am done with this class. My next term starts May 7th and I signed up for two classes. They are Human Factors in Aviation/Aerospace Systems and Aircraft and Spacecraft Development. Lessons learned: I will never take an online final after midnight, and for my next classes, I will pace myself better.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Since my last post....

Wow, it has been over a month since my last post. Many things to update on. First of all, I absolutely had a blast being a guest speaker for Ridley Park High School. I just thought it was great to be able to speak to students with such potential and that they have the ability to do what they're passionate about. It's all about going after what you want and sometimes we just all need to be reminded of that. Myself included... Boeing did an article on me when I got back from the presentation. I will scan and post as a jpg. later today. Currently, I am trying to fit into my schedule to be a guest speaker for Starfleet International.

In the beginning of this month I attending another mission imagery simulation at NASA JSC in Houston, TX. The simulations are to do a run-through as if it were really during the mission. For this imagery sim, we were looking for damages on the orbiter tiles/thermal blankets outside of a set criteria. Prior to the sim, there is a group that takes the images from the previous mission (STS-114) and "creates" discrepancies using a photo editor. So during the sim, you have no idea what to expect and you have to catch everything.

I am taking a break right now in preparing for finals....If you see the time I am posting this (3:30am-ish), you will see this is an "all-nighter" for me. I have a paper to complete by 8am, then I continue on preparing for my final that I have to take this friday.

My sister attended a conference in CT. and needed to leave my little niece with me for four days. This little girl has so much energy!! I commend those parents out there who are able to balance it all! In just four days I learned how tough it is to be a parent and that I am definitely not ready to have kids (hee hee). It was great fun though and very rewarding everytime Ashley would give me a kiss and wrap her arms around me. Just for that...I am posting a picture of her on my blog...To share to the world her beautiful innocent smile. Ok..I have to get back to studying...I'll write more after finals!

P.S Have a Happy Easter!