Sunday, June 13, 2010

Get your face in space!!!!

For as rainy and gloomy as it was this weekend in Boston, I turned out to have a pretty nice weekend!!! It amazes me how many events happened around the city here. This weekend I ventured out to the 2010 Health and Fitness Expo (got to meet Mario Lopez!) and explored the city a little more. I also bought a pair of rain boots and a good rain shell that I’ve definitely needed to not let the rain hamper my plans. I also found an awesome gym near my house that I've signed up with. There is a boxing class that is taught by a Women's Boxing Olympic coach and I've started really enjoying the sport and learning the correct techniques.

With two shuttle launches left (STS-133 in September and STS-134 in November), you can fly your face in space. Visit for details. I just submitted mine to fly on the last mission for STS-134.

JAXA’s Asteroid Explorer "HAYABUSA" successfully separated its capsule and re-entered the atmosphere to complete its mission. For about seven years since its launch in May 2003, the HAYABUSA successfully completed a great achievement by landing on the asteroid "ITOKAWA," gathering rocks and returning them to Earth.

Read the first diary post from ESA’s Mars500!!

This Week in Space

Friday, June 04, 2010

This Week in Space

Enough of the blog break!

It's been a while since I've blogged. A LONG WHILE! I should be improving that now that I've settled in and have my after-work activities balanced out.

No matter where you are in your career, transitioning to a new job and living in a new area is always an adjustment challenge. Work is getting better and I'm making progress in my research and learning new tools. I'm very glad I took this position and am amazed at the expertise of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

I still have been keeping up with the space world. It saddened me to watch (or in my case stream on-line) the launch and landing of Atlantis especially when that was the vehicle I worked on the most out at Kennedy Space Center.

Congrats to SpaceX for a successful launch today!!! I think this is a start to really take out space program in a new direction. SpaceX previously agreed with NASA to fly three demo flights of the Dragon capsule under the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services program. Upon successful test flights, SpaceX would then be delivering equipment to the space station.

I've also been keeping track of a friend of mine, Diego. He's currently participating in an 500-day ESA Mars Simulation (Mars500). They're in a facility in Moscow, completely isolated from the world. There were various experiments and training since last year and now they are currently in the 'fly to Mars' phase over the next 250 days, 'land and explore' for 40 days and then 'return to Earth' in 230 days. The crew hatch will remained closed until November next year!! So exciting to watch Diego go through this. You can follow Diego on twitter during the Mars500

That's it for now...I'll be keeping up with my blog now. :)