Monday, January 30, 2012

Teens Put Lego Man in 'Space' (Actually Stratosphere)

A fun video by Toronto 17-year-olds Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad shows their homemade balloon launch of a Lego minifigure into the stratosphere to catch views of near space.

What are my chances?

The other day someone asked me what the chances are for someone to be selected as an astronaut candidate.

"To illustrate how hard it is to become an astronaut, Kimbrough assumed 4,000 applicants. Approximately 10 percent, 400 people, will be selected as "highly qualified." Roughly the top 100 will get invited to NASA for a first interview. Thirty or 40 will be brought back for a second interview and final selection. Of that number, typically nine to 15 become astronauts."

After the 2009 selection, Brian Shiro made a figure illustrating the various stages of the selection. He was also amongst the "highly-qualified" selected group!


Good luck to the 2012 astronaut applicants! Looking forward to hearing some applicant updates!!! :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Astronaut Application SENT! :)

Astronaut application official submitted!!! :-)