Thursday, September 01, 2005

This past week was so busy for me. I have been taking part and listening in on the gap filler assessment team. A great team of engineers, technicians, quality, and safety people meet everyday to lay out the problems with the gaps fillers. They are also conducting tests to create a better method in bonding the gap fillers. I have also been working with specifications this week which include the processes for the technicians to fabricate the shuttle tiles. I have been learning so much on the job! Also this week, I was able to see the MPLM (Multi-Purpose Logistics Module). This was the payload that flew on the flight. It basically looks like a big tin canister. They filled this module with the ISS trash. Some of techs were telling me that it smelled so bad especially since it was sitting in the hot California sun. The cool thing is that they run lab tests on the trash that the astronauts bring back.  Posted by Picasa


Peter Brady said...

I have only visited this blog a few times, but it seems to become more fascinating every time I look.

I imagine you can't go into detail, but I guess if you are looking at remedies for the gap filler bonding then the implication is that the shuttle will fly again?

My suggestion for the gap filler problem would be to use that ubiquitous space material - velcro. If it can hold my swimming shorts up on a hot day then I'm sure it'll work on the shuttle!!

I am a little curious why they run tests on the astronauts trash?

Peter from ADS ON BLOGS

The Rube said...

As an ISS Flight Controller I can tell you that they bring back a lot of food containers which obviously won't smell so good after a sitting in the hot sun. I really don't know what else would smell so bad...

Damaris, if you're interested in getting the Station point of view every now and then, feel free to visit me at and shoot me an email. I hope this doesn't come across as a shameless plug...

Anonymous said...

What then, do they do with the trash after that? Do they send it back into space?

What if some space parasite attaches itself to the trash and we bring it home - because I know we don't sterilize it before bringing it home... Then the whole of civilization is wiped out by some freak alien virus. That sounds like a good book, actually.

Anonymous said...

cool, keep at that and it will happen 4 you big time

David Corking said...

Good one: a freak alien virus! It is hard enough for viruses to jump from mammals and birds to humans, so good luck mother nature in creating something that will jump from a strange space parasite to humans.

We might better start with sterilising boats in case they bring some freak marine virus onto dry land.

However, it will make a good airport novel.
Best, David
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