Monday, November 21, 2005

Going to Houston and beginning my Personal Action Plan

Today I found out I get to go to a week training in December to Houston. I am so excited because it will be training in thermal modeling using SINDA.

Another plus is that I will be able to see the people I worked with in the Space Station program and friends still at Texas A&M.

So every so often, I think about how I am handling the tasks in my life. I have been preforming well at work, I have completed what I have to do to begin graduate school in January 2006, and I bought a house. So now that I have a grasp on those critical factors of life I will begin tonight to make a list of my goals that will be more focused to help me become an astronaut. Time to really start taking action!


Dana said...

Great pictures of the tile repair! I came across your blog by chance. Good luck with your astronaut pursuits!

Wanda said...

I am impressed by your focus and drive. What internal fortitude!

Kitlat said...

Thanks again for leading by example!

Twanna A. Hines | said...

I discovered your blog when you were listed as a Blog of Note on I still check in from time to time to see what you're up to.


I can't wait until the day that I turn on my television and I see your face as you enter a space shuttle just before departure. I'll jump up and down, point at the television and scream: "I READ HER BLOG!!!!" :)

NYPinTA said...

I found a list of 'goals' I had from three years ago. I have yet to fulfill the very first one.
Hope you can check yours off as done much faster. :D

danny said...

hi ,
great going....u r an inspiration for all of us..keep up the good work.....jst hope u rmbr us hen u become an astronaunt.
best wishes
ur frnd

danny said...

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