Friday, December 22, 2006

Landing at KSC?

Well i am here and will be leaving in about 5 minutes to go out to the Shuttle Landing Facility. It's a little windy here and there are some low ceiling clouds present. But no rain yet. So if you happen to watch the NASA channel and we do land here, I am wearing a fuchsia colored polo shirt with jeans. Ha ha. We'll know for sure if Discovery will be landing here when it gets closer to the deorbit burn at 2:49pm. If it doesn't look good, well then the crew going out to California/New Mexico will need to get i go to the SLF.


Anonymous said...

Fingers are crossed for your first landing experience! I hope they don't have to be re-routed!

mark_smith said...

Watching NASA TV now i will have a look for you lol

Good luck to everyone there keep up the good work.