Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Before Atlantis Rolls Back to the VAB

I figured I'd get a picture with me and Space Shuttle Atlantis before she rolls back to the VAB for repairs due to the hail damage from Monday evening.


Anonymous said...

I had just booked my flight Monday morning and the launch tickets just arrived today.

Hail! There's just no justice in the world.

*sigh* It's not that something like this was unexpected, and at least it didn't happen just before the launch, when I'd already have been down there, but still. This is going to be a much longer delay than I would have anticipated.

...I just had to lament.

Thanks for the know...kinda!

Miguel Lopes said...


Just found your blog when I was searching for blogs written by astronauts. I found just a few - astronauts are a busy bunch, after all. Your blog is better than what I could've imagined, because hopefully it will show everyone how you become an astronaut!

I hope you can keep writing about your experiences, so that all of us who never were able to live *the dream* can at least get a good second-hand idea of how it is to go there and to be there.

I've been a fan of space exploration almost since I was born! I was 3 when Neil walked on the Moon, but I remember THAT! Since I'm in Portugal I never was able to pursue my dream. But I still follow everything NASA does, and write a blog about space exploration - there's very little info about space in Portugal, som I'm trying to do my little bit.

And if you don't manage to fly on the Shuttle, I hope you can someday fly to the Moon! My best wishes are with you!

I took the liberty of linking to your blog from mine (, and I will be a frequent reader!

Keep up the excellent work!

Miguel Lopes said...

Sorry, that was my main blog, my Space blog is

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, mainly because of the pictures!!!

It's too bad about the hail damage.

Was wondering too, have you thought of creating a Flickr account to showcase all of your pictures?

Hope all is well