Thursday, August 16, 2007

From Houston to Denver

Team 4 created an oversized tile array with the exact configuration of the damage that is currently being assessed. The Lockheed Martin facilities in Denver have a very nice robotic chamber big enough for us to test putting the STA-54 down into the damage. So that's what I just got back from doing. (and it's 5am..and I've been up since 8am the previous day). A team of us arrived with the test articles via the NASA jet (which was very cool to ride in for the first time!) this afternoon and we successfully put the STA-54 in the cavity. We have to wait for 24 hours for STA-54 to cure. So around 4am on Friday, we'll be heading back to JSC with the test article so it can be tested in the arcjet.

However, later today the Debris Assessment Team will be revealing the final tests results they'll be running in the arcjet (high-temperature furnace) to verify computer models accurately reflect the re-entry environment. Currently, we're 80-90% ok with returning in the as-is condition. So, we're still pressing on with testing of the repair (damage primed with emmitance wash and then STA-54 packed in the gap), until we hear the results from the Mission Management Team.

Ok, I need rest as sometime tomorrow I have to make time to take a 3-hr online final!!!


Fred said...

Good luck with your final!!

Kev said...

New to your blog Damaris and love it. Best of luck with the final.