Tuesday, October 23, 2007

STS-120 launches!!!!


Unknown said...

Great pictures! I'm planning to come down to KSC to watch a launch sometime in the near future. Any suggestions on where I can watch it? I know the stands by the countdown clock are off-limits now (dangit).

Thanks, and great site!


Andy said...

I so enjoy watching the launches. Everyone at my office thinks I am nuts, but all the mechanisms that have to be in place for the launch are absolutly amazing.

My stomach always tightens at maxQ. I find myself sitting here rooting like it is a sports event.

Damaris, I have a question for you. We've obviously come a long way since STS1. I read recently something about the first flights having what sounded like significant tile loss or damage. If I understood correctly, the water sound suppression system has helped in this. Do you know where these tiles were lost. What made the difference between those flights and present day ones.

I think EVA 4 will be intersting to see how far tile repair in orbit has come.

Paolo Amoroso said...

Damaris: where did you watch the launch from? I was at the site next to the Saturn V Center, which I was said is named Banana Creek.